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Welcome to Accelerate, the youth haven for the creatives, doers, thinkers, champions and even the misfits.

We go beyond entertainment with great articles, inspired video and also invite you to share what you’ve got with the world.

So strap in, engage and #LetsAccelerate.

Accelerate yourself:

Acceleratetv.com prides itself in the online promotion of it audience. We aim to be the one stop shop for all the talented masses looking for a place to shine. 

You think you can sing, act, rap, crack jokes, make fun content? Well prove it to us and the world. Within the online community, there are so many people with skills and nowhere to shine, so welcome to Accelerate World where you are the star.

With our experience, skills, and expertise we can be sure that your content will reach the widest audience possible. We will showcase your content on www.AccelerateTV.com and utilize our marketing campaigns to push you out to the world.

So how does it work?

– Send your video, article sound file to Accelerate@acceleratetv.com

– Our editors collate and approve

– Your content gets published on AccelerateTV.com

– You get a link to push out to your audience

– We push your content though all our digital mediums

– And that’s all there is to it.

How much does this cost? Zero Naira. It’s absolutely free! You send us the content, we do the push.

– Send content with personal information about you and your craft to Accelerate@acceleratetv.com

– For advert placement: Send a mail to info@accelerate.com


Unfortunately we can’t promote everyone as all content has to go through our editors per field (e.g. fashion, music, acting, animation, etc.), who proceed with a strict approval process reviewing the content and it’s quality. So take your time, create great content and we can help you along the way. 

Work that is not published will just need some extra work to get it up to the standards your hard work deserves.

Also if your work is being published as someone else’s, please do share this with us so we can give correct credit where it is due.